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This includes a few of the folks that found their way back here. You can read the original here:

Or Read it below

Operation Hammer
by Tevenor

Chapter 1: Invasion Of Luthien

"Tev? Things ain't looking good here," came a garbled voice over the com-channel.

"I know Z. Wraith and I are inbound. ETA 10 seconds. Here comes the cavalry good buddy" Tevenor replied.

"Wahoo!" Wraith added 9 seconds later has he let loose his ER PPC's and LRM's from his captured Clan Ghost Bear Madcat into the Thors that were charging Zeus' position. The lead Mech simply disintegrated under the barrage of Wraith's lance. The second Thor came charging through the debris and smoke of his brethren only to find Tev's Cats waiting. A second later, it too lay in ruin.

"That was too close," Zeus let out a sigh of relief. The remaining Thors retreated to the safety of their Fort and for the reinforcement of their own Madcat lances. "Tev, we have to nail them now before those Madcats get in range or its gonna be tough."

"I agree. Wraith, take the lead. Take out those Thors first, then we can deal with their cats at range," Tev barked out.

"Aye aye, sir," came Wraith's reply as his Mechs approached the heavily fortified defensive position the three MechCommanders were sent to take. "Advancing now"

"Tevenor to Archon Killdare. Tevenor to Killdare. Come in sir."

"I read you Tev. How's the battle? Going?" Tev heard Killdare's voice over the intercom.

"Good sir. Two Thor's down and we are advancing on the Fortifications. If we get there before reinforcements, we have them. If not, it will be a noteworthy battle."

" 'Noteworthy'? Understated as always, eh, Tev?" the Archon chuckled. "We are on our way to the enemy HQ. They gave us quite a scare in the beginning but the battle is well in hand here. Good luck. Archon out."

The 7 Madcats advanced on the main gate of the fortifications after Wraith took care of the various Turrets.

"Alright let's hit it," Zeus' voice came over the com.

"Engaging" Wraith's Mechs blew open the gate and rushed in to meet the waiting Thors. He unleashed an Alpha strike on the nearest knocking it down. The other one rushed to close range and started pummeling Wraith's mech. Tev and Zeus performed standard flanking maneuvers to get angle on the Thors, Tev to the right Z to the left. Before either could react, the damaged Thor regained its feet, and in a stunning display of bravery, the heavily damaged Mech charged the enemy Madcats. Zeus hesitated a second, not believing his eyes. It only lasted for a moment though as he focused on the charging Thor and obliterated it.

"Hurry up boys. We have 4 incoming Madcats." Tev said as he turned to face the oncoming Clan Mechs. "Destroy that Thor, capture the Intel and lets get the frick back to the dropship."

Wraith and Zeus destroyed the remaining Thor in a blue burst of ER PPC fire. Wraith's remaining Mechs proceeded to the clan HQ to capture the documents vital in the retaking of Luthien from the Clans while Zeus and his lance flank the HQ protecting it from the onslaught that was about to pop over the walls.

"Wraith start that crippled Cat back to the dropship. If things go bad, transmit the info to it. That way it will get back to Command while we delay the Clanners."

"Aye aye Colonel," the 1st Lt. responded.

A hobbling Madcat turned on its heels and proceeded as fast as its damaged hip actuators could take it, back down the swath of destruction that the Lyran piloted Madcats had wrought.

"Zeus, I am reading some quick burst of heat from the Clan Mechs approaching. Looks like Jump jets. Nail the Jumpers first. If we can eliminate them, we may have a chance at a fair fight."

"Yes sir. Way ahead of you." Zeus responded as his Mechs turned to a 45 away from the HQ. They stopped by the edge of a battlement south of the HQ and within perfect range of the wall that any jumper would have to come over.

"Alright sensor just died. They are just outside my Cat's sensor range. All right everyone shut down your Mechs. Were going to try a little trick my old Tamar Academy professor taught me." Tev ordered as his systems powered down. "When I give the order power up and nail anything that comes over or through those outer walls. Wraith keep your cat up and running and continue the download. And for god sake kick Phantom in the butt and get him back to the Dropship. I don't want to use him as out last resort but if this doesn't work, be ready to transmit everything to him."

A pair of Aye Sir's came over that chat as Z's and Tev's Mechs powered down and waited. The only voice was Wraith's over the intercom.

"20% completed.....25% complete....come on baby......30%"

The scene was almost pleasant. These magnificent machines, almost frozen in time. Nothing twitched or turned. Nothing moved except for the smoldering embers of the various scattered hulks of Mechs. The wind picked up the smoke and egged on the embers and brought life to smoldering fires, as one brushfire died and another began. Tevenor watched the wind play with the devastation in simplistic awe. The wind blew long before he had ever been to Luthien. It blows now with the smell of war and death. It would blow again long from now, when this fort would be nothing more than a symbol of a long gone era, covered in wildflowers. Funny really. His entire career he had trained with the thought and dream of leading the assault against the DCMS for the honor of the Lyran Commonwealth. Now, here he was. Finally fighting on Luthien but against the Clans. Not a blasting through DCMS lines, but fighting along side them. Strange what quirks life throws you.

A blinking light on the console brought him out of the daze and focused on the scene in front of him. The first Mechs were in range. Now he must time this perfectly or it would be bad.

A small bead of sweat rolled down his nose and dropped by the blinking red light. Hazel eyes stared out over the walls and through the smoke. Scanning for any sign of motion. Then he saw it.

"NOW!!" Tev yelled over the intercom as he brought his own Mech on line.

The visions of 2 Madcats and a Vulture lay almost hovering above the walls for what seemed like an eternity. Zeus brought his lance's Mechs up and targeted on the first Madcat. An unbelievable barrage from Zeus' 3 remaining cats ruptured the clan Cat and incinerating it. The explosion threw the second Madcat to the ground in a deafening crash. The vulture targeted Tev's lancemate and launched a full salvo of LRM's. They passed in flight the LRM's and ER PPC fire launched from Tev's lance. The vulture took all the shots to the right torso disintegrating the right arm and knocking it back over the wall but not before its LRM's racked the Madcat's center Torso and Cockpit areas. The junior office simply ceased to be as the Madcat drop, smoke emanating from the headless body of the Mech. Tev could only watch as his risky plan had succeed it eliminating a quarter of the charging force but at the loss of his new wingman.

"Alright download complete." Wraith's voice was barely audible over the roar of the battle, as Zeus' lance finished the second damaged Madcat.

"Ok. Wraith get back to base ASAP. Zeus cover us. The other Clan Mechs are hesitating. They must see us on their screens. Quick now. We are getting the fuck out of here. Move now before the rest of their force realize its just us and get through those walls ," the Colonel shouted over the com.

"Aye aye sir." Wraith came back.

"Stuart, Richardson....rear guard position. Full velocity. Blanket cover fire. Move." Zeus yelled out to his lancemates.

All the Lyran Madcats moved in flawless synchronization. Wraith moved his remaining battlefield Mech down the path that his wingman had gone down not 30 seconds earlier with Tev in hot pursuit. Not 3 steps behind him, was Zeus' lance, torso's twisted performing their trademark X rearguard pattern. They were out they way they had come long before the Clan Mechs blew through the walls and entered the base. Immediately they gave chase. It was no use. The Lyrans were well within the protective range of the batteries of the Dropship A.S. Dragonfly.

23:00 Hours
Lyran Commonwealth Jumpship A.S. Avenger
Archon Killdare's Command Center

Approximately 3 hours after the retrieval of the Recon and Beachhead forces....

"Come in."

Colonel Tevenor entered the Archon's office, still in full battle dress, and saluted.

"Colonel Tevenor, reporting as ordered sir"

"Sit down please Colonel." Killdare offered as he returned the salute.

Tev took the chair as he was offered and tried to sit proud but failed miserably in shear exhaustion.

"Congratulations on your success. I also offer my condolences." Killdare spoke quietly after a small pause.

"Thank you sir on both counts."

"I heard about Robert. I am sorry. Truly" Kill offered.

"I know sir. And thank you. He had a lot of promise. He was a good pilot" Tev said in a drained monotone that comes only after one has grieved for long enough. "And a good wingman. He was there when I needed my butt covered."

"This damn war.....we all have lost family."

"Yes sir, but you didn't see your nephew blown away in front of you eyes."

The remark took the Archon by surprise. His face never changed but a little twinkle of understanding flashed in his green gray eyes. There was a moment of silence before Tev let out a sigh heavy with heartache.

"I am sorry sir I am just.....just...."

"Tired" the Archon finished. "How long have you been with me Tev?"

A broad smirk suddenly appeared on his face as the Colonel looked up and answered "Too long"

This remark didn't take Killdare by surprise. He could have seen it coming from two jump points away.

"That's right too long. You, Q-Prime, Hellrazor, Hans, Zeus and the rest of 1st Royal have been with me too long not to know me." Killdare remarked coolly.

"Sir, I know you well enough that I wish you would just frigin stay here instead of dropping on missions. We can't afford to loose you to a lucky clanner. I know Hans and the boys will throw their Mechs in the line for you as we all would, but still...." Tev stated as he had stated in numerous meetings, memo's and missions before.

"And I will give you the same response as before. I will not and can not order my men into a situation that would ask them to give their lives if I am not willing to do the same. And in any case, I finally caved in to your and the rest of the Command Staff's whim and am only going on Intel approved milk runs."

"Intel can be wrong" Tev stated. "We were only supposed to run into a few isolated points not a frigin full Binary."

"True. But as always, it's a best guess situation. If we knew every move they made, this war would be short and boring." Kill injected trying to bring some humor into the conversation. "In any case, I have the GOA's report of your debriefing."

"....Kommandant Zeus charged the fortified entrance to the base and eliminated 2 points before my lance or 1st Lt. Wraith's could get in range. We entered and followed behind in time to eliminate a third point of Thor's that was flanking Zeus's position. At this point we were down 2 Madcats, a Vulture and a Thor. Zeus lost his vulture, Wraith lost 2 Madcats, and I lost my scout Cougar and my only Thor. Wraith took the lead once we entered the central complex as his Mechs were the only other ones equipped for the transmission sequence other than my Thor....."

"Looks like Kommandant Zeus and 1st Lt. Wraith were instrumental in the success of this mission. Would you say that Colonel?" the Archon took on the Air of official business.

"Yes sir I would." The Colonel responded.

"Excellent. In that case, with Intel you provided and the Beachhead we established, you are hereby given the honor of leading the assault on Luthien. Coordinate with General Q-Prime. He has all the details. Also grab the General of the Army as he has been on Luthien before."

"Hansvonluck on Luthien? How so?" Tevenor's surprise was easily noticeable in his voice.

"Hellrazor too. However sorry Tev. Need to know only. You understand," the Archon joked with a chuckle.

"Oh I see how it is. Well Sir," the Colonel emphasized the word "I will get right on it"

Colonel Tevenor stood up and saluted. The Archon returned the salute and Tev spun on his heels and headed out the door.

"Oh and Tev....get some sleep. You are going to need it." The Archon called out as Tev reached the door.

"Yes Sir."

Colonel Tevenor walked out the door to make plans for the Invasion of Luthien.

DISCLAIMER: This is a story based in the MechCommander world. Any mistakes as too specifics in BattleTech may not be in error, just in different context. The names used in this story are real however events are not based in true BattleTech history
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