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Welcome! [message #2] Sat, 16 June 2012 16:46
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Welcome! This is the home of the gaming group known as House Steiner. Yes, -the- House Steiner or Lyran Commonwealth of the Inner Sphere in the MechWarrior universe. I put up this site in anticipation of the new MechWarrior MMO. Please create an account and introduce yourself. If you know anyone from the old school house steiner, please contact them and have them visit the site again.

Just so that you know this isn't a sham, here is a bit of history for this group.

Once upon a time a group of friends got together on net battletech of the AOL world under the fearless leader Killdare. They eventually migrated over to MechWarrior 2 on the Kali gaming network, long live Kali! I joined Killdare shortly after the migration. I was known as Starfire back in those days, named after a character from Star of the Guardian trilogy by Margaret Weis. I ran with Shadow, Frost, and a whole bunch of other really cool people whose names escape me at the moment. We continued playing mech games until the franchise died after MechCommander 2, when Killdare established a Counter Strike gaming group Legion of Terror, playing in a few different leagues as they came and went, including cyber athlete league. Killdare and I went on to play other games and eventually settled on World of Warcraft, I much later than he. LoT merged with another guild on Aggramar and became known as Vae Victis (rather, Fae Victus).

Only a handful of us stayed in touch well into the WoW days. Finally I quit playing Wow after I left for another server and eventually lost interest in gaming altogether. I later got back into gaming but only with the patience for MOBA and FPS games. I also play EVE Online a bit but have recently slowed my activity. I play as Nirgali on League of Legends and Ba'al Hadad and Habba'al Zebul on EVE. I worked for the University for many years but have recently taken a position with CBS Interactive, thus my recent explosion in web activity on various sites.

Anyway, I've been holding this domain ever since the old days of netmech but I took down the site or lost it in a crash or something. I never put it back up, much to my disappointment. In hindsight, I should have kept it up so people could stay in touch. So, here it is again. I don't think I can find the old web site files, but it would be too embarrassing to bring them back even as an historical archive.

I am keeping it simple this time in the form of FUDForum, a bulletin board system for which I once helped write a tiny bit of code. I think I'll become active again if I see things that need fixed or changed.

It's already happening. Old timers are getting reacquainted. Go check out the thread Long Time - Old Friends.

Nirgali, previously known as Starfire in both HS and LoT.

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